Jr. and Sr. High Ministry

Our youth group meets at our Chelmsford Campus on Friday nights from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. from September through June. Following the Chelmsford Public School calendar. 

We believe that God has called us to compliment and reinforce what is already being taught at home to the youth we minister to. Our youth ministry is a partnership ministry not a replacement ministry. This idea is summed up in our vision statement:

"Parents and leaders coming together in unity, guided by God’s grace and grounded by His word, to encourage and equip hearts and minds to walk boldly with Christ."  

We also challenged the youth to come up with a vision statement, that they could make their own.

"As we grow together with trust, confidence and respect, we’ll strive to draw closer to God and deepen our faith more than ever before. Stepping out of our box and perservering through the challenges of life, keeping our hearts and minds open and focused on God. "

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